Fashion Leopard Slingie

Price: $12.99
SKU: 80086

Offering luxurious cushioning from the base of your heel to the ball of your foot, Fashion Slingies are a must have for your stylish shoes. Fashion Slingies are made of a premium foam that conforms to the shape of your foot to provide cushioning and improve comfort. Plus, their understated 3/4 length means they're subtle enough to wear with any shoes. Each pack includes two pairs of Slingies, one in a neutral design and one in a playful animal print.

  • Includes 2 pairs of foam insoles, 1 pair each of patterned and neutral designs, for the ball-of-foot area
  • Helps relieve pain and increase comfort
  • Fits into most shoes and stays in place with adhesive backing
  • Great for casual or dress shoes