frequently asked questions

Get help with more than shoe discomfort! You've got questions and we've got answers. Don't see your question? Get help with more than shoe discomfort! You've got questions and we've got answers. Don't see your question? Contact us.

My heels keep slipping out of my shoes. What should I do?

We recommend using Heel Appeal to help your shoes stay on better while walking. Fashion Heel Appeal and Gel Heal Appeal are easy to apply to the back of your shoes, stay in place, and instantly help your shoes fit better.

My ball of foot aches when I wear heels. Any suggestions?

Our Gel Steppies and Fashion Steppies fit comfortably into the ball-of-foot area of your shoe for targeted relief. They stick in place during wear to offer all day comfort.

I noticed you offer gel and fabric options for inserts. Which should I choose?

Both gel and fabric inserts are great. Choosing one is a matter of preference! Gel inserts have a cooling effect and their clear design is discreet enough for any shoe. Fashion inserts are soft to the touch and come in playful designs, as well as neutral colors.

I'm experiencing a lot of heel pain. What should I use?

Ouch! We recommend checking out Cushie Heels heel pads. Cushie Heels are made of thick foam that helps relieve heel pain by providing cushioning that conforms for ultimate comfort.

My strappy sandals and shoes cut into my skin. Anything I can do to prevent that from happening?

We've got you covered! Gel Strappies are made to help relieve discomfort from painful shoe straps. Simply peel and stick Gel Strappies onto painful straps for discreet relief.

How do I wash gel insoles?

Simply rinse gel insoles and allow them to dry before placing them back in your shoes.

What are some gel inserts for shoes that are too big?

Gel inserts can help your shoes fit better while improving comfort. Gel Heel Appeal fits into the back of your shoes to prevent slippage. Gel Steppies fit into the ball-of-foot area to prevent your feet from sliding forward in your shoes. If you're looking for full foot comfort, check out Gel Slingies. Their full-length design helps improve shoe fit.

I need gel arch supports for high heels. What should I get?

Gel Arch Appeal has you covered! Simply place these in your shoes for instant support.

I'm looking for a supportive insole for a few different pairs of shoes. Any suggestions?

We offer a few different options of supportive insoles to make all your favorite shoes more comfortable. Gel Slingies and Fashion Slingies are ideal for flats or slim shoes. They offer lightweight support. For more support, check out our Gel Comfort or Perfect Comfort insoles. The Gel Comfort insole has a clear gel design that helps absorb shock while offering discreet support. The perfect Comfort insole is made to deliver stylish support and improve shoe comfort.

Sometimes my shoes give me blisters. Anything I can do to prevent those?

Gel Soft Spots are perfect for preventing blisters. Simply peel and stick them wherever your shoes are rubbing or causing pain for instant relief.

My shoes have slippery soles. What should I do?

Add traction to your slippery shoe soles with Grippy Steps. They stick on the bottom of your shoes to offer traction, giving you confidence with every step.

What is Apara shipping policy?

It’s important to us to provide the best shipping experience, so we are now shipping everywhere in the 48 Contiguous States only. We are unable to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the other US territories. No international orders are accepted.