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Apara Staff Shoe Picks: Courtney’s Favorites

Courtney’s Picks

Apara staff member, Courtney, is sharing her favorite shoes this week. Courtney’s style is eclectic, vintage-inspires and colorful. You can find her on Instagram at @courtneylhayes for more style inspiration.

Favorite Everyday Shoe

J. Crew lace up flats

They're easy to wear with everything in my closet, from jeans to skirts to jumpsuits. Also, they're perfect for every part of the day--from walking my dog to work meetings to dinners and volunteering.

Favorite Workday Shoe

Kate Spade Espadrilles

They're a classic pair of wedges with a colorful twist. I like that they are easy to walk in and that they make me stand at over 6 feet tall! Basically, they're perfect.

Favorite Apara Product

Fashion Leopard Slingie

I wear the Fashion Slingies in nearly all my favorite flats, including my J.Crew ones.